Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Making a Difference

What does it mean to make a difference?

In the creative realm, it has a great deal to do with generation. Artists embark on private and often isolated journeys to and through their creative processes. Once complete, the work then speaks for itself, taking on a life of its own as it makes its way into the world and the hearts of those in it.

For some however, generation is only the beginning of the artistic endeavor. For them, the creation and release of their work is merely a step in a process that continues through the extension and sharing of themselves as well.

My background is as a professional singer, which has afforded me the privilege of participating both musically and personally in many extraordinary moments. Yet some of the most powerful experiences of my career and life have been off stage- in coaching young artists, volunteering my time, spending time with my readers and listeners, and mentoring.

Something truly magical happens when you allow yourself to embrace this expanded notion of creativity. Not only do you get to know the incredible men, women, and children in your various communities, you realize what a profound impact they can have- if you let them- on your creative inspiration and expression.

For me, this has included learning from and being mentored by people around the world who have beautifully and brilliantly blended the lines of creativity, community, and contribution. These experiences have been so powerful and important in my life that I've started a column to feature them. It will be my privilege to share their journeys with you in the coming months, and hope that they make as large of an impact on your personal, professional and creative endeavors as they have on mine.

My first piece is on Karen Salmansohn. Get ready, and enjoy the ride!

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