Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Tips For Singers

I was recently jotting some post-session notes for one of my classical singers and thought you all might benefit from them too. Great things to remember, whatever your genre or voice type:

A reminder of things to focus on: 

- In general, use more energy. Not in terms of 'pushing air' or being louder necessarily, but by using diction. Not only will your singing and performances seem more energized- at whatever volume- doing so will help you to connect more powerfully with your support.

- Pay attention to your speaking voice- healthy and lovely- which is in your chest voice. Vocalize now and again in the lower regions of your voice to keep everything limber and used. Remember, the chest voice isn't wrong, and it doesn't have to be belting or strenuous.

- Watch out for 'preparing your breath' and lifting. Preparing to breathe and engage is fine. You just don't want to 'lock in' to a fixed place. Instead, you want to create a relaxed and ready space where your body can optimally engage in a way that's appropriate for each note, phrase and song.

- Re. low energy / tension on runs: use a consonant at the beginning of every note to help you connect and stay connected with your support. For many people, 'D' seems to be a good one. Start with every note, "Da, da, da, da, da" and then start to stretch out the space between: "Da-a, da-a, da-a" and then to every three, and so on.

- Lastly, remember: you are your own best teacher. You know your voice better than anyone. That doesn't mean other people can't help you immensely, or see things you don't. It means to be confident and to trust yourself. And when something doesn't make sense or feel right, speak up!

Happy practicing!

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