Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Email Coaching

"I expected something powerful from you, but I was really taken by the beauty of what you wrote. Thanks for letting me throw a haystack at you so you could sift through it. I completely agree that some of my personal issues are affecting my singing. I hadn't put that together before. I was looking strictly at my singing experiences for clues while I probably would have been better off looking more holistically at things. I loved your letter and I think that it is full of the right kind of keys to unlock this reserved demeanor that has taken over me."

As it often happens, the wonderful people I work with open my eyes to new (and better) ways of doing things.

This is certainly the case with Andrew from Washington state, who asked whether I'd be open to some email coaching in lieu of our working together in person.

As I shared with Andrew, I was initially uncertain whether the lack of face time would yield the same powerful results. Yet I'm happy to report that the experience was fantastic, for both of us.

Through a series of back and forth conversations, we were able to explore many of the issues that often begin my initial working together process. And more, using email gave us both time and space to fully think through, contemplate, and process each others' words and ideas… a powerful foundation that will make our ongoing work– whether via email, here on the east coast, or over Skype or FaceTime– much more rich and valuable.

If email coaching sounds like something that might be a good fit for you, feel free to send me a note.  And thank you, Andrew, for the wonderful idea and experience!

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